Training Modules


An Introduction to the Modular Training System

When the IVR was formed in 1983 one of its remits was to put together a comprehensive training programme for the roadside assistance and recovery sector. Over the following years it became the leading training provider, through IVR Training Services, producing training courses in Light Recovery, Heavy Recovery, Motorcycle Recovery, Lorry Loader and others.

Gradually other training providers emerged and began to deliver training to the industry which led the IVR to assess the overall standard of training available nationally. The conclusion was at best the industry was only being offered, by trainers including the IVR, awareness courses.

The National Occupational Standards, developed by the roadside assistance and recovery sector of the motor industry, were not being used, either for NVQ’s or as a benchmark for an alternative.

To tackle this issue the IVR worked with Automotive Skills (The Skills Council for them motor industry) and produced the first set of modules as a Technical Certificate, using the National Occupational Standards as the benchmark. This provided a set of standards for the knowledge requirements of a roadside assistance/recovery technician. 

The IVR also wanted to raise the standards of instructors and worked with the Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register (ITSSAR) to produce a two week, intensive, recovery specific, training course for instructors.

Skills assessments were then added to the Technical Certificate and the modules we have today were introduced.

The sector now has a comprehensive set of standards for roadside assistance and recovery technicians that also test their competence at the end of their training. The IVR continues to build on these standards and where there is a gap in training it will develop new modules to fill it.


Display #
VR1 Health & Safety Modude
VR2 Customer Service Skills Module
VR3 Roadside Assessment Module
VR4 Ancillary Equipment (Light Vehicle Recovery)
VR5 Underlift Units (Light Vehicle Recovery)
VR6 Transporters (Light Vehicle Recovery)
VR7 Advanced Winching (Light Vehicle Recovery)
VR8 Handling Motorcycles
VR9 Ancillary Equipment (Motorcycle Recovery)
VR10 Spectacle Frames (Motorcycle Recovery)
VR11 Transporters (Motorcycle Recovery)
VR12 Ancillary Equipment (Heavy Vehicle Recovery)
VR13 Underlift Units (Heavy vehicle recovery)
VR14 Twin Booms
VR15 Transporters and Low Loaders (Heavy Vehicle Recovery)
VR17 Lorry Loaders
VR18 Air Cushions (Heavy vehicle recovery)
VR19 Preservation of Evidence
VR20 Rotating Recovery Equipment (Heavy Vehicle Recovery)
VR21 Recovery Incident Manager
VR23 Bus and Coach Recovery
VR24 Inspection procedures for Recovery vehicles and Ancillary Equipment
VR25 Recovery Impact protection Vehicle (In Road Construction Sites)
VR26 Emergency First Aid at Work
VR27 Electric (EV) and Hybrid Vehicle Awareness

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