Instructor Training


The key to any training scheme is the quality of the instructors delivering the courses.

From the outset the IVR recognised the need to ensure potential instructors had the necessary skills to deliver good training, so a relevant ‘Train the Trainer’ course was designed.

However in a bid to drive the industry’s standard of training forward it was decided the ‘bar must be raised’, ensuring ongoing training would be of the highest level and provide further protection from prosecution.

In order to formulate an ‘Instructor’s Course’, specifically for the recovery sector, the Institute approached the Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register (ITSSAR), a body responsible for training standards within the fork lift truck and crane industries.

The first step was for a representative from the IVR to achieve an ITSSAR Cat.4 Tutor status which would enable them to deliver the training to the potential instructors. Steve Kirton FIVR achieved this qualification.

The resulting ‘Instructors Course’ consists of two full weeks of training, during which potential instructors were required to deliver both theoretical and practical training sessions. The final examination requires a 100% pass.

On achieving the required standard the instructor receives an ITSSAR Cat. 1 Instructor qualification and an IVR Level 1 status, this qualification is the gateway to training within the recovery industry.

The IVR Level 1 qualification allows instructors to train internally for their employer however they will only be able to assess the Core Modules. All other modules will require a higher level of instructor to carry out the assessments.

Following assessment by IVR (UK) an IVR Level 2 instructor may deliver training externally and sell their services to the recovery sector. A Level 2 instructor may also work for or own a training provider company.

Instructors are assessed by an independent, IVR Level 3, assessor to ensure that standards remain high and they must attend refresher training at regular intervals in order to keep them up to date with ongoing changes within the industry.

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