IVR Council member achieves CAT 4 status

IVR Council member Mark Hartell has achieved his CAT 4 Tutor status, making him currently only the third CAT 4 Tutor in UK recovery.

CAT 4 status will enable Mark to deliver ‘instructional techniques’ training to students who have knowledge of the recovery industry but require the skills to instruct others and pass on that knowledge.

Steve Kirton and IVR president Nick Ovenden were hugely supportive of Mark during his preparation and training for the qualification so who better to explain what was involved than Nick.

He explains;

‘Mark has worked extremely hard to achieve his CAT 4 Tutor status. Both The IVR and ITSSAR have very high standards for instructors and there is a huge hill to climb to qualify as a tutor to be able to teach instructors.

ITSSAR assess every course, unannounced, that tutors take to ensure that they are delivering the course to the correct standard. Tutors have to be assessed on every element of instruction over a five year period to be able to re-qualify for the next five years.

I know only too well what it takes to achieve this qualification and I would like to congratulate Mark on his achievement.’

Mark is obviously delighted and wished to thank all involved, he said;

‘It has taken me about four years of hard work to achieve this.

A few years back I didn’t make the grade and was rightly knocked back by ITSSAR and the IVR for not putting in the hard work required. As any of the students who attend the IVR CAT 1 course will tell you, gaining their Level 1 qualification is a very big achievement and takes a lot of hard work, this is also very true of working towards and gaining a Level 4 Tutor qualification.

It has taken a lot of time and dedication, not only on my part but massively on the part of Steve Kirton and Nick Ovenden, the only other recovery CAT 4 Level Tutors in the country. A very big thank you goes to them for their support and encouragement.’

The addition of a third qualified CAT 4 Tutor will ensure that continuity in training and standards, set by the Institute, will continue, to the benefit of the recovery and associated industries.