IVR (UK) Limited Management Structure

IVR (UK) Limited was formed to take the role of Administrator for the National Training Scheme. 

As the role required input from all sectors of the industry a working group was created, the National Recovery Industry Training Group (NRITG), to develop the requirements of the National Highways Sector Scheme 17a and 17b.

This group consists of two members of each trade Association plus two members of the Trainers Association.  The members attending are nominated by their respective organisations.

These trade associations are;

In addition consultants representing the IVR and IVR (UK) Limited attend meetings to provide input and information on the day to day running of the National Training Scheme and other issues relating to the NHSS 17a and 17b.

The main role of this group is to deal with issues relating to the National Training Scheme and the NHSS including,

  • Liaison with the Highways Agency
  • Training Standards
  • Policies and Rules, (Including complaints and appeals)
  • Training issues
  • Setting the cost of administration and registration