Introduction to IVR (UK) Limited

IVR UK logo1When the Highways Agency came to the Vehicle Recovery and Roadside Assistance sector and said it wanted to put together a Sector Scheme for road construction sites a wide range of industry stakeholders were brought together to discuss the requirements and implications. One of the most controversial issues that had to be discussed, and agreed upon, was that of training.  The HA initially wanted all technicians to achieve an NVQ but there was serious concern about the cost of achieving this due to the lack of funding afforded to the sector. The modular training system was put forward as a alternative, and accepted.  In order to set up a serious and acceptable training scheme for the Rescue and Recovery sector it needed the input from all stakeholders and the IVR was instrumental in bringing all the relevant Trade Associations together to form the National Recovery Industry Training Group (NRITG), which set about ensuring the scheme would offer a viable alternative to NVQ’s.

Following the appointment of the IVR as Administrator of the training scheme in March 2006 IVR (UK) Ltd was formed and the administration role passed over to it in order to protect the member’s subscriptions.

A management structure was required and the IVR were unanimous in the view that all stakeholders should be involved.  Therefore stakeholders, involved with NRITG, were invited to form a management board which now meets every two months to discuss issues including;

  • Standards
  • Policies and Rules
  • Training issues
  • Administration charges
  • Highways Agency liaison

It is imperative that all stakeholders are involved in this process to ensure that there is employer and industry agreement on anything directly related to the National Training Scheme.

The scheme has been so successful that it is now being adopted by other bodies, including;

  • Some Police Forces
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Tyre companies and groups
  • Roadside Assistance Organisations

IVR (UK) Ltd has also achieved and continues to meet the requirements of ISO 9001-2008