IVR Hong Kong appoints new chairman


The IVR is delighted to announce that Raymond Poon, photographed, has been appointed chairman of IVR Hong Kong. Raymond has worked in the transport industry for over 30 years. In 1993 he joined Serco Group which is a government contractor responsible for the management, operation and maintenance of four government tunnels. Raymond currently holds the position of Tunnel Manager of the Aberdeen Tunnel.

One of the new chairman’s responsibilities will be membership and he said: ‘I will strive to work closely with other committee members to continue to promote the professional recognition of the IVR within the industry and to increase membership. I would also like to see links between local members as well as members from other countries.’


Terry Crampton, IVR (UK) Ltd’s Training, Assessment and Quality Management Representative said: 'I was honoured to visit Hong Kong a few years ago and was impressed by the professionalism shown by all the members out there'  Their training programmes were extremely intense and they have a complete realisation that training has many benefits. They had asked us out there to deliver a seminar on roadside safety, which I did to an audience of IVR members, members of the Hong Kong Government, Serco representatives from Hong Kong and Singapore and the Hong Kong Police.

My wife and I were treated with kindness and friendship throughout our stay, particularly at the members meeting held in our honour. IVR Hong Kong is a credit to what the Institute tries to achieve in the UK. In addition to the vehicle recovery training and other activities/events being organised by IVR HK a newly designed website is due to be launched later in the year which will link to the main IVR site.