IVR Lifetime Achievement Award

The IVR introduces Lifetime Achievement Award


The 2011 IVR AGM saw the introduction of a Lifetime Achievement Award.

This unique accolade will not be presented annually as it is reserved for individuals that in the view of the IVR Council has made an outstanding and exceptional contribution to the formation of today’s recovery industry.

Geoff Gatward FIVR

The first Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Geoff Gatward FIVR, for his dedication to the Institute and having been Company Secretary of the IVR since its inception in the early 1980’s.

Geoff has worked in the motor trade all his working life and in the recovery industry for over 40 years. He was an instigator in the formation and founder member of the Institute, working alongside pioneers of the industry such as Brian Drury, Jack Ovenden and many others.

Although he is now in his mid seventies he still continues to work extremely hard, assisting out on the road when necessary and continuing in the roles of Company Secretary of the IVR and Region 11 Secretary of AVRO.

Mac Hobbs, Chairman of the IVR, on presenting the award said: ‘The National Council and I have the greatest respect for Geoff’s opinions and dedication. I personally admire his ability to encourage new ideas and embrace progress. He is a man who deserves our admiration, thanks and recognition for his generosity of spirit, we would be well advised to learn by his example.’

In reply Geoff said: ‘I am truly amazed and shocked to receive this totally unexpected award and would like to thank those responsible for keeping this honour so secretly hidden from me. I really enjoy working with the IVR and hope to continue to do so for quite a few more years if the Council can put up with me.’

Steve Kirton FIVR

In 2013 the second recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award was Steve Kirton FIVR.

Steve joined the Institute in the 1980’s and following several years on the IVR Council held the post of Chairman from 1999 to 2001. He took over the reins of the IVR office in 2002 and since then has been the driving force behind the modular system of training, which he then adapted to suit the Highways Agency Scheme.

He is one of the main innovators behind the ‘Life on the Edge’ series, a beneficial aid to all recovery operators. To this day he comes up with new ideas and innovative ways of training and his understanding of the industry plus his understanding of students needs ensures the courses are fit for purpose and everyone gains both knowledge and understanding.