The pinnacle of an IVR member’s career is to become a Fellow of the Institute (FIVR). Fellowships are awarded to members, who in the opinion of the National Council, have contributed to the Institute, training and/or the industry as a whole. 

Tommy Ash Snr FIVR
Roger Ayres FIVR
Douglas Bell FIVR
David Brinklow FIVR
Michael Boniface FIVR
Eric Burnham FIVR
Fredrick Cann FIVR

William Calvert FIVR
Ivan Chubbock FIVR
Stephen Cockerill FIVR
John Coldwell FIVR
Ray Coleman FIVR

John Coupland FIVR

Mark Cowan FIVR
Michael Cowan FIVR
Christopher Cox FIVR
Terry Crampton FIVR

David Crouch FIVR
Chris Davis FIVR
Roger Dawson FIVR
Robin Doney FIVR
Michael Donley FIVR
Roger Dyson FIVR
Mark Egerton FIVR

Derek Firminger FIVR
Celia Fry FIVR
Geoff Gatward FIVR

Alex George FIVR
Anthony Gibson FIVR

Mick Goodley FIVR
Brian Hagan FIVR
Barry Hannock FIVR 
Stewart Histed FIVR 

Christopher Hoare FIVR
Malcolm Hobbs FIVR
Stephen Holland FIVR 
Tom Johnson FIVR 
Graham Kidger FIVR
Steve Kirton FIVR
Nigel Kilburn FIVR 
Roger King FIVR
Wai Tong Stephen Lai FIVR

Andy Lambert FIVR
Darrell Mansfield FIVR 
Linda Marsden FIVR
John Martin FIVR 
Peter Martin FIVR 
Ruby Martin FIVR
Sean Manchett FIVR
David McAllister FIVR
Frank McAllister FIVR


William Monkman FIVR 
Graham Moore FIVR 
Brian Morgan FIVR
Andrew Morton FIVR
Christopher Nieman FIVR
Nicholas Ovenden FIVR
Noel Ovenden FIVR
Colin Parlett FIVR
Roy Pooley FIVR

Mike Puleston FIVR
Kieran Rice FIVR
Michael Saward FIVR

Colin Searle FIVR
James Sparrow FIVR 
William Sparrow FIVR 
Jack Stapleton FIVR

Frank Taylor FIVR

Robert Tear FIVR 
Anthony Turner FIVR
John R Vickery FIVR
Tak Ming Joseph Wong FIVR